TUTORIAL: How to Make a Cheap but Good Light Sensor Enclosure / Box (Misc)


THIS VIDEO WAS RELEASED A FEW DAYS AGO, BUT THE QUALITY WAS TERRIBLE FOR SOME REASON. HERE IS IT'S REPLACEMENT. How to make a cheap, weatherproof light sensor enclosure / box. When I first started using this sensor, I wrapped a piece of cling film around it. It didn't last long though! After that, I used a glass jar. It was much better but it was hard to keep it still. Now I use this little thing! My girlfriend got me the box from her work. They're about 79p each or so. I found an odd bit of ethernet cable and a piece of junk polystyrene to act as a sealant. I used a steel bracket thing to secure the enclosure to the panel. So far so good!


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