TUTORIAL: DIY 18650 Lithium Ion Cell Battery Capacity Checker Tester (Part 21 - Matrix Board!)


How to make your own 18650 (or any lithium/li-ion) cell/battery capacity checker/tester. In this series, I design a really simple circuit and talk you through it. I walk you through every single step in both the electronics and code. In this video, I show you the project on a matrix board! The schematic and code will be downloadable from here: http://electronicsandcode.co.uk/Video.aspx?Video_Id=MVd3F7lwWUU I'll need time to upload it all though... Give me a few hours. For those who wish to support the channel, my Patreon account is here: https://www.patreon.com/antonycartwright


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Lithium Ion Capacity Checker V1.0The code.22/04/2018 15:53:52
Lithium Ion Capacity Checker V1.0 (Revised)The code!29/04/2018 10:53:58
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