TUTORIAL: About & How to use a Cheap LM2596S Buck Converter / Battery Charger Module - Arduino


ATTENTION! THIS VIDEO IS GOING TO BE RE-UPLOADED SOON AS THE QUALITY IS TERRIBLE. A tutorial on how to use the module, explanation of all three pots, and with demonstrations. This module is dual role. To elaborate on setting OK indicator with resistors... If you were to set the voltage to 4.2V, and limit the current to 1A, and short the output with a 100ohm resistor, this should draw a current of 42MA. If you then turn the middle pot until the LED turns off/on, his may then set the OK LED to 42MA. When you then remove the resistor and apply the battery, it may indicate when the battery draws less than 42MA. I've not tested this though. Thanks to Karl Ng for requesting this video. :-)


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