About this Site

This little website is just a supporting website for my YouTube channel. I created it using ASP.NET and a language called C#. It's meant to keep my videos better organised, and I'm hoping that you'll find it easier to navigate than YouTube. It also allows me to add extra content, like code for example and other useful things.

As of February 2018, the website will be primarily updated by Karl. Karl is an enthusiastic and long time subscriber of mine and is very keen to assist me with my channel. He has a website of his own, on which he shows written tutorials. Here is a link to his website for those of you who want to take a look.

About my Channel

My channel is about electronics and code mainly. Most of my videos are about Micro-controllers and how to use them, and a lot of the time, this requires you to write code in C++. I use Arduino Studio as my IDE.

There is an important underlying message behind my channel though, something which I feel strongly about. Many, many people who I've met see the things I do and say something like "Wow! You must be really clever! I'd never be able to do that!", but I'll tell you a secret: My intelligence level is probably about average and I'm not particularly special - I'm just determined! I believe that with determination, YOU can do and achieve anything YOU want!

Electronics and code are known to be amongst the most difficult skills to master. With electronics and code, the amount of things you can do and achieve is endless, and the learning curve is steep! I'll hopefully show you some things which will give you some inspiration for creating your own devices, whilst more importantly, showing you that YOU can actually do and achieve anything you want!

About Me

I was born in 1986 in a city called Chester, which is in North-West England, in the United Kingdom. As a job, I write database automation systems mainly, but I have done websites, etc, too - infact, I written this one! Most of my work is database related though. I graduated in 2008 with an Honours degree in Computer Science. There, I learnt a great deal from the experienced and very clever staff and most importantly, I learnt how to learn! As a person I'm quite odd, I don't watch TV, I don't play football, I'm not interested in sports, etc, although I do have a quite a strong social life! I'm addicted to learning, and I'm addicted to challenges - and this is how I spend most of my free time. I live just outside the city where I was born and I have two little girls who I love more than anything. You might hear them in some of my videos actually!